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Valery Latypov

..I create a unique atmosphere. Together with my hero, capturing the moment, when our inner truth gives birth to perfect beauty.
Alchemy portrait is my signature project, my own way of creating a portrait and a creative philosophy.
At least once in life, each one of us has experienced the state of being devoid of fear, doubt and problems. A condition we strive towards in our dreams, a feeling of cleanliness and fullness of life.

Photography for me is a way of developing and fixing this sensation.

It's as if there's a sense of cleansing and genuineness during the shoot process. The state of excitement stays in the photograph.

We all want to keep these moments in our memory - our lives are made of them.

Our cellular and neural memories allow us to remember ourselves in the flash of the shoot, projecting our state at very moment, fixing it in reality.

A person will easily be able to strengthen life's happiest moments simply by looking at the portrait I took.

This soulful and energetic work, I have called Alchemy.

Alchemy Portrait of Irina Hakamada
About the shoot process
Chosen on an individual basis wherever convenient and comfortable for the client.
Shoot duration
Given that each person requires his / her own time to open up, no limits set.
Make-up and styling
Alchemy portrait is primarily about simplicity and sincerity, without signs of glamour. For this reason I haven't collaborated with a make-up artist
or stylist.

However, you are very welcome to choose your own wardrobe and to apply light make-up.
You will receive one portrait printed usinga plastification / softeningmethod, whereby the photograph is pressed between acrylic glass and a hard backed base made from aluminium material. The portrait gains greater depth under acrylic glass, it looks brighter and more intense. Standard size is 60 x 40 cm but can be adjusted to suit.
Cost of Alchemy portrait.
I love to shoot in the moment – to capture the wonder, when someone is totally unaware of what's happening; it's at this moment he / she is beautiful.

I love to bring out emotions in people; at the end of the day - memories, strong colourful emotions are what stay with us forever and a person always remembers the magic.

I love photographing all ages and any state of body and soul; I see beauty in everyone and I know how to expose it.

I gave up science, to roam the world. I met many different people and learned to understand them, sensing myself and in understanding myself, sensing them.

I'm inviting you into your world through my eyes, a world of true beauty, of awareness.

Geography of the shoot
I collaborated with:
Depeche Mode, Piter GabrielбSusan Sarandon, Gérard Depardieu, Bái Líng, Irina Hakamada (Candidate to the President of the Russian Federation, 2004), Yoko Ono, Goldfrapp, Fanny Ardant, Outasight, Ann Dexter Jones, FKA Twigs, the Libertines, Peruquois, Elbow, Imagine Dragons, Richard Bona, Gotthard, WOMAD festival, Glastonbury festival, TEDx, Hang Massive, Deva Premal, Jeff Blue (Producer of Linking Park, Korn, Limb Bizkit), Jeff Bova (Producer and Grammy owner for the Celine Dion album), Mark Baker, Boris Grebenshikov, BDVA and many more.
2010, 2012, 2013 Digital Photo Russia
2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 Rolling Stone Magazine Russia
2011 Menu Magazine, Russia
2012 Switzerland Newspaper, Switzerland
2013 The Guardian, UK
2013 Book of Boris Grebenschikov "Songs of BG"
2014 Portugal Newspaper, Portugal
2014 Austrian Newspaper, Austria
2014 Noi magazine, Russia
2014 My Reform magazine Russia
2015 Jamaican Observer USA
2015 Resident magazine USA
2015 March "Happy Wedding" Magazine Russia
2015 ELLIMAN Estate USA
2016 Panavto Magazine Russia
2016 InkSpired Magazine No42, Los Angeles, USA
2017 Sobaka, St.Petersburg
Exhibitions and contests:
2008 Agent Provocateur - First Prize, Moscow, Russia
2011 Canon Contest '11 St,Petersburg, Russia
2012 Expression of the soul, Goa, India
2012 Winner of Diner's Club Photo Contest "Life Pi"
2014 Rock in the Hearts with BDVA band, Moscow, Russia
2015 See like I look, Moscow, Russia
2017 The Babas, GOA, India
2018 Don't Be a Freud, ARTPLAY, Moscow
Latypov Valery
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